We’re back from the trip of a lifetime and ready to give you all the details of our amazing Milos collection shoot. If you want the full behind the scenes insight, keep reading angels.  

I want to preface this blog by reaffirming that any trip we ever take is always in conjunction with our carbon offsetting partner MoreTrees. Alan and his incredible team, help us to calculate the exact amount of carbon emitted by taking flights to our locations and then plant trees in the most necessary locations. We know that just offsetting our carbon emissions is not a free pass to limitless travel, however we are still learning new ways to be as sustainable as we can be. Whether that be new fabrics, supply chain processes or better ways to package our product. What’s important to remember here is that we are aiming to put sustainable fashion at the forefront of people’s buying choices and to do that we want to compete as best we can within a market over saturated and dominated by fast fashion. This year we will release three collections and hence take three trips, our aim is the show that we can all make a difference by just noticing our impact on the planet and seeking small ways to make a huge change.  


So, lets get into it by introducing our trip. We decided to fly to Milos, Greece a beautiful Greek island somewhat undiscovered in terms of tourism. The wonderful team at the Milos Cove Inception Resort hosted us for five nights and we could not have had a better time in the most sensational location. The island is steeped in history as a volcanic site and is known locally for the positive energy it is said to emit. You can imagine, this was music to our ears. We had found our place.  

Cut to 4am Thursday 5th of August and we’re on our way to Heathrow. Joined by our team Catherine Harbour and Elisa our photographer and assistant, Dom Seeley on hair, Charlotte Cosmetics on make-up, Ines Coleman our videographer, Fran our assistant on content and Sydney and Breeny our stunning campaign ambassadors. Plus of course the Swim Society team which I’m assuming you know us by now!  

From the moment we got together as a team, we all instantly connected. As a small team it’s hard for us to put our trust into new people and take risks with new talent. Swim Society and the shoots we plan take so much work and budget and we really only get one shot, so to be greeted by such an amazing team who were all so positive and kind was amazing.  

Our first day was spent travelling and for anyone who has questions about travelling during covid, please submit a comment below or drop us a DM because preparation is absolutely key! So if we can help we will. After some much need sleep it was time for our 5am call time.  

Our first shoot day was spent in our incredible villa. Affectionately known as ‘the main villa’ (if you know you know.) Sydney, Breeny and Montana slipped into our very first shoot samples for this collection and if we weren’t excited before seeing them showcase the new designs made is even more so! Each style had such complimenting factors for each girl and even more exciting for us, we were able to kit out the whole crew in the Maldives collection. Seeing everyone of all shapes and sizes wearing their Swim Society and all feeling so comfortable was such a proud moment for the three of us. Trust us, it never gets old. Here are some sneak peeks of day one…  

For day two we had planned the most incredible location. Sarakiniko also known as ‘moon beach’ is quite honestly a must visit. The beach is essentially made up of alcoves and mountains of glistening lime rock, eroded perfectly by the sea below to create a maze of light reflecting beach. The power of that location just perfectly reflected the power of the women in all of our campaigns and we are so grateful to the team over in Milos who helped us scout our location. In case you missed the BTS of day two here are some shots… 


Our final shoot day we took to the beach and even though we’d had some really intense shoot days, the energy never faded. Mixed in with hilarious boat rides which gave us some incredible drone footage, poorly timed waves to the face and some incredible sunset lighting we had an absolute ball wrapping our final day.  

Above all else, we are so thankful to our team, we’ve listed their handles below so if you want to check our their work, socials or channel please do! Every time we grow our business, take a risk or do something we’re never sure we can pull off, we are always humbled and surprised by the end result. We couldn’t have asked for a better team who helped bring our vision to life and as for the location, well it speaks for itself.  

One thing that was ever present during our trip, were the devastating wildfires raging through parts of Athens, Turkey and Northern Europe. On our very first day, the haze and smoke from the fires was not only visible across the skyline but could be smelt in the air. This shows the all to overwhelming and very real impact we are having on our planet. Whilst we understand that air travel has a huge impact on our climate, there are many other changes we must make at home in order to change the course of our environmental impact. Ultimately, we want to show that climate change is having a direct impact on life as we know it. It is no longer a melting glacier in an area of the world you’ve never heard of, it is real and affecting locations you’ve probably visited in your lifetime. We’ve attached some resources we found to support parts of Europe during this time but above all else, just know that you can make a difference.  



Catherine Harbour  

Dom Seeley 

Charlotte Cosmetics 

Ines Coleman 

Francesca Whyte 

Elisa Stauenberg 


Sydney May Crouch 

Breeny Lee 

Swim Society  

Montana Brown 

Tash Hall 

Laura Timson 

Greece wildfires how you can help: https://www.instagram.com/p/CSMXE-VKfFy/?utm_medium=copy_link 

January 23, 2023 — Swim Society

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