What Swim Society means to Montana:

Swim Society to me means family. It very much feels like a family run business, making sure that people are feeling good from start to finish of the supply chain. Ultimately, if people are feeling good working with us then I am happy.

Montana's Top Pick:

My favourite swim piece is definitely the Carmen and Dawn. Carmen is what I would wear on a girl’s holiday as the print is so vibrant and fun. Then for more of a sophisticated look, a black low back swimsuit just goes well with everything, I love to pair it with a white hat and some gold jewellery.




What Swim Society means to Tash:

Swim Society is a brand I am super proud to be a part of. For me, it is all about building a society or community of incredible people that feel confident in the swimwear they choose and strive to help each other whilst make conscious sustainable decisions. We have already met some incredible people along the way and long may it continue!

Tash's Top Pick:

Aside from the Natasha (of course!) from our Maldives collection, my favourite piece would definitely have to be the Grace - super classic and black with amazing gold features. I am OBSESSED.



What Swim Society means to Laura:

Swim Society to me means a real community, ultimately, we want people to connect with us and that’s why we strive to be so open and transparent. All our decisions are based on doing what we feel is right for our community and our values, rather than anything else the industry tells us we should be doing. Looking after our planet and striving to be ever more representative is all about making positive change in this world.

Laura's Top Pick:

Fav swimwear piece is the Laura obvs because it’s the OG and the Sarah/Grace because they literally look so fab but so different on everyone!