At Swim Society our mission is to make no categorisation swimwear made from sustainable materials. Swim Society relies on the idea that you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in, not what is categorised for your size or shape.

We use recycled materials to produce all of our swimwear, an ethical supply chain and fully recyclable packaging. Above all else, we’re transparent about every aspect of our brand. We are a safe space, a society for all and we are striving to change the fashion industry in which we exist to become the same safe space. You can read a little more about our core brand values below.

No Categorisation

Swim Society relies on the idea that swimwear should give YOU the option to wear what you feel most comfortable in. We don’t categorise our styles or force you into a box you don’t want to be in. We are inclusive by default, because we should be.

Swim Society, is and shall continuously be the first of its kind in that we promote absolutely no categorisation in our designs. No ‘Plus’ ‘Petite’ or ‘Tall’, just every design for every size, no variation.

Our society is formed on the idea that you shouldn’t have to adhere to other people’s beauty standards. If you want to cover up or show it off, no matter your shape or size, we support you. Swimwear should be your choice and not what someone else says it should be.

Sustainable practices

All of our fabrics must always be recycled materials. We strive for a minimum content of 70% per piece and we'll never compromise on that. Our packaging will always be biodegradable and recycled and we aim to minimise transport of goods whereever possible.

Our first option should always be the most sustainable solution and we consistently try to improve our impact on the planet by finding new and more sustainable solutions as we grow. We plant a tree for every order we place using our partner MoreTrees, this is something we have always invested in and comes at no cost to our customer.

Ethical Production

Ethical production of our garments must never be compromised.

All of our factories are audited by either SMETA or BSCI. This ensures the factory adheres to all fair employment laws, such as working conditions, fair living wage, discrimination policies. Not only this, but the audit consistently offers ways in which the factories can keep improving their offering. We uphold a strict ethical policy with all factories we work with.

Our current factory is based in Porto, Portugal and we use fabric mills based within Europe. Our aim across all our channels is to be as open and transparent about all aspect of our supply chain this will hopefully allow us to give our consumer the tools to shop more consciously everyday.

Our Community

Our mission is to grow our community and those that engage with us to become bigger than the brand, to create a safe space for women to be part of. We pledge to be transparent with our community and build trust with them in everything we do. Everything we do should bring value to our community.

We hold open castings every year to engage with our community and the people that have helped us build our brand from the very beginning. We aim to consistently represent as many different body shapes as we can and change the view of how women are represented in the fashion industry.