Our Pledge

In our move to producing sustainable swimwear, we know that this presents lots of questions for our brand. So we’re making sure we don’t leave anything out. We’ll show you everything from our carbon footprint and how we’re off setting that, to our factory audits and information.


We don’t have it all figured out. We’re not telling you all of this to show off, but more to show we’re doing our bit. It might not be everything we can do, but it’s our starting point and our aim is only to improve, learn and evolve as our brand grows.

Our Factories

Our current factory is based in Turkey and we have previously used factories in China. We were able to make the move to Turkey to better increase our sustainable fabric options, plus be a little bit closer to home! We are constantly looking for new factories that fit with our ethos and values and will continue to be transparent in any changes we make to our production.

All of factories are audited by either SMETA or BSCI. This ensures the factory adheres to all base level laws, such as working conditions, fair living wage, no discrimination. Not only this, but the audit consistently offers ways in which the factories can keep improving their offering. We uphold a strict ethical policy with all factories we work with.

At present, the fabric for our Milos collection comes from Turkey although both collections fabric offering come with scope GRS certification (Global Recycled Standard). We use a mixture of post-consumer recycled polyester and elastane as at present there is not a globally accepted recycled elastane substitute.

Our Fabrics


Our garments are produced ethically and made from recycled polyester with a minimum recyclable content of 85%. The Milos Collection has a recycled content of 95%.


Our aim is to continuously evolve, finding new materials and methods by which to become as sustainable as we can across all products. Our packaging is also recyclable and acts a useful pouch to re-use to store your wet swimwear!


Carbon Offsetting with MoreTrees

We know that as a sustainable brand, we have to do more than just use recycled material. The effect of brands on our planet is exponential so we have to work together in order to reverse that effect. However, we are also putting our hat in the ring of one of the most competitive markets, trying to give a sustainable brand the spotlight it deserves hoping that this in turn will give consumers an accessible sustainable alternative to their usual shopping habits. As we planned our first incredible trip to the Maldives, it was obvious to us that offsetting our carbon emissions was non-negotiable and that, is where we found MoreTrees.

MoreTrees, a small business just like ours, came to us with the opportunity to offset our carbon as a business by calculating the number of trees needed to offset those emissions. They utilise worldwide partners in order to plant trees in deforested areas, plus they allow all brands to be much more transparent about their effect on our planet. Alan, CEO of MoreTrees calculated our trip to the Maldives would emit 2,559kg of carbon and we would need to plant 117 trees (9 trees per person to be exact) to offset this, so that’s exactly what they did for us.

Whilst we can’t wait to explore many more beautiful locations, it’s really the ‘every day’ running of any brand that requires action. So with that in mind, with every order placed, we’ll plant a tree to offset this, in your name! Plus we’ll putting extra in to cover all of the travel our products go through.

Alongside this, we have pledged to plant a tree for every single order placed through our website - at no extra cost to you to help aid the carbon emitted by transporting your order to you.

Ultimately MoreTrees is our starting point, to being more aware of our effect on this planet. Sometimes, that doesn’t have to be a huge change, just understanding how we can evoke change is enough to start.


Have a look at our virtual forest here! - https://moretrees.eco/forest/swimsociety