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Swim Society | Montana Brown | Our Story | The Beginning

The Beginning

The idea behind Swim Society was first incepted in 2018 on a beach in the Maldives where our founder, Montana Brown was discussing with her friends how different an experience everyone has when shopping swimwear. Finding something you love the design off, supports you and shows off your assets whilst also being great quality was essentially impossible. Hence Swim Society was born. Fast forward to 2019, Swim Society was founded. Leading the way for an all inclusive, by default, brand.

The Journey

After launching our first collection in April 2019, we went on to launch three subsequent collections. Shooting with so many incredible women who have since become loyal ambassadors to our brand. 


For our second collection, we opened our casting net to include ‘real’ people. We asked our community to put themselves forward for our campaign shoot, opening up our audience to all those body shapes they feel are totally under represented in mainstream fashion.


Since then the brand has continue to grow, having been sold on ASOS, Topshop and other high street retailers. We’ve continued to work with incredible people and been so grateful to receive features from the likes of Glamour, Cosmo and Heat.


As we progressed on our journey, we felt that there was more we could do as a brand. We built such a supportive community, we felt that it was only right that we continued to evolve and start giving more back.


The Maldives Collection

So now, here we are the very same ethos, but with a sustainable outlook. In 2020, we relaunched Swim Society with a sustainable product range. This meant completely overhauling everything we had done before, learning new processes and understanding how this changes our brand.

As of right now, we are proud to be using recyclable material in all our products with a minimum recycled content of 95%. This is produced from using recycled post-consumer polyester made from things like plastics which have been collected, sorted by hand and melted down. There is always more we can do, but this is our starting point.

We want everyone to see every part of our journey, the good and the bad so we’re pledging to be totally transparent and always strive to do the very best we can as a brand. So come along for the ride!