January is for the most part, a bleak month. We’ve lost the excitement surrounding the festive season and we’re left with a blank page and a new year to begin. One thing January does give us, is a sense of opportunity and possibility. We’re not talking restrictive new year’s resolutions here, more the potential to make a change for the better. For us, that’s always an ambition and something we strive for every year so 2023 is no different.


Our mission is not only to produce high quality, timeless, sustainable swimwear but, also to create a community that transcends our brand and our product.

With that being said, we wanted to verbalise our goals for the year ahead and set our intentions with all of you.


New collections

Last year, we transitioned our product drastically, we chose to elevate our production and sourcing to bring you a much higher quality piece. With that, we shared with you the reasons for this development in our brand story and we received an overwhelmingly positive response. For that we are eternally grateful, it showed us why it is always imperative for us to be transparent with our audience.

Now, it’s time for us to build on what we achieved last year. That means, we’re widening our sourcing pool, looking at more innovative fabrics, unique trims and finding ways to elevate our fit. We now have a new factory, still based in Portugal, with a much bigger capacity, not only to produce but to source everything we need. We’re hoping this will also allow us to be more reactive to the styles you love, restocking some of our key pieces and bringing in things like multiple colour options or mix and match styles. Our plan for 2023 is to bring you two seasonal collections, one in summer and additionally an autumn collection for all your winter trips. You’ll see the same quality, with an elevated fit and some changes to styles we’ve received feedback from you on. Hopefully, we’ll be able to showcase even more of what we can do and continue to bring luxury products into an accessible and sustainable space.

Something new...

Since we relaunched in 2020, our main focus has been to perfect our swimwear offering. Before, we could consider anything else it always been imperative for us to be sure about the quality of our swimwear first. Now, we feel as though we’ve got to a place where we can broaden our product offering and develop some new pieces you’ve always asked us for. We can’t share too much just yet, as you know with sustainable production, it’s a slower process than your average and we’re still working on the right product for our community. That being said, we’re extremely excited to be able to enter into another avenue for Swim Society and potentially have new faces join the community.

Carbon sequesting

Every year, we publish our sequesting figures for the year, in simple terms, we tell you how much carbon we’ve sequested for the future using MoreTrees. Just by planting a tree for every order placed and any trips we take, we managed to sequest an estimated 166 tonnes of carbon. That’s equivalent to 20,192,738 smartphones being charged. So, in 2023 the goal is simple – we want to double that figure. Now, in order to do that we’ll also need you to continue to support our brand. However, we’re also pledging more opportunities for us to plant trees outside of orders being placed.

Our journey to B-Corp

Since the start of our journey into sustainable fashion, we’ve been challenged by many things within the industry. It is and continues to be a minefield for both brands and consumers, however it is one that we all must come to understand more clearly. Some of you may be aware of the B-Corp certification and others may not. Put simply, the B-Corporation certification legitimises the social and environmental performance of a particular business or organisation. In order to become B-Corp certified, every aspect of a business is tested, reported on in order to determine if what the brand is outwardly pledging or claiming is represented throughout its organisation’s practices and policies. You’ll probably know that B-Corp businesses are not common place, in fact it’s one of the most stringent certification processes in the sustainable industry, so this is by no means an easy task to tick off our list. However, thanks to the wonderful all female team at Cyd connects, we’re beginning our journey into getting B-Corp certified. As always, we’ll stay transparent about everything we experience on this journey and we hope that in the coming months, more of our audience will utilise organisations like B-Corp to become more conscious shoppers.


We hope this gives you an insight into our ambitions for the year ahead and helps you to feel more informed about how we’re growing every day. Whilst we’ve committed to some long term changes, remember that change only comes from a place of love. Don’t put extra pressure on yourself this month, or any month for that matter. Prioritise your health and happiness not restrictive self-punishing goals.


We wish you every happiness for 2023.


January 23, 2023 — Laura Timson

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