How to get your perfect fit

As a brand that prides ourselves with inclusivity, we know that fit is incredibly important to our community. Our swimwear is made with the finest sustainable materials and finishes, ensuring a premium product that will fit well for years to come.

Each garment has a detailed description of shape, fabric and cut on their relevant page which should help you decide which is the best style for what you prefer to wear.

Our sizes run from a UK 6 - UK 20 and on each page is a detailed size guide specific to that garment.

Unsure what to measure? Use the steps below to measure yourself, if you are unsure - please reach out via Instagram DM you can find our account below.

Remember this is just a guide, we sell all our bikinis as seperates and offer FREE UK returns so if you prefer to buy and try then feel free.

As always with our styles, the decision on what to wear remains solely in your hands.


Measure the fullest part of the bust, all the way around the back evenly. Make sure this is comfortable and the tape measure is not in any way restrictive on the body.

This gives your bust measurement.


Measure the fullest part of your hips evenly around the centre. Repeating the previous comfort check.

This should give an accurate hip measurement.


Measure right around the waist, making sure the tape measure sits just above the naval. Measure equally around the back.

This will give your waist measurements.

Our support scale

Alongside our size gide and to make sure you get the perfect fit from the off, we have introduced a support scale so that you can purchase based on how you want your swimwear to fit best.

Remember there are no rules and we don't categorise, we just want to give you all the info so you can find your best fit.

The scale runs from 1-5 with 5 being the highest level of support & coverage and can be viewed on our product pages.

Our size guide

Our general size guide should give you a general idea of what sizes may work best for you. However, we give specific recommendations based on style within each of our product descriptions, so it's always best to check based on your style preference.