What makes up the cost of our products?

We will allways strive to be as transparent as possible with you when it comes to producing our ethical swimwear and a large part of that is costings. Interested to know where your money is going once you recieve your product? Have a read below.


01. Materials, Fabrics & Trimmings

We take lots of time throughout the year to source the best possible fabric, which is both the top of the game in terms of sustainability and premium quality built to last. alongside exceptional trimmings these are all built into the cost of our product.

Our newest material is called ECONYL®. Sourced from Italy and Spain, this is a 100% regenerated Nylon yarn made from pre and post-consumer waste materials such as discarded fishing nets and carpet fluff!

02. Labour and Supply Chain

Maintaining a transparent supply chain is one of the things we will always shout about. if you're garment costs you less than the price of a takeaway coffee, ask yourself why.

Someone, somewhere is being undercut.

We ensure that every single person in our supply chain is fairly paid the correct minimum wage for their country and that isn't something we're willing to compromise on to offer a cheaper product.

You can learn more about our factories here.

03. Sustainable production and procedures

Sustainable production isn't just about using a recycled fabric.

It means choosing every sustainable option you can and constantly evolving.

So from choosing a more planet friendly route for our products to travel, to choosing recycleable packaging and committing to sequest carbon by tree planting all of those things really make a difference.

04. Quality & Support

Building our products to last, means choosing and sourcing the best possible fabrics in the industry.

Balancing supportive and luxurious composition with our unique prints and staple sexy feel takes time and comes with a premium. But buy one instead of 5 that don't last, right?

05. Benefits and Incentives

You know we don't offer regular discounts because as a small sustainable brand, we don't have a fast fashion margin or mentality.

That being said, being able to make your experience with us as seamless as possible is super important. so we factor things like free delivery options and free UK returns as well as some occasional discounts into our overall strategy so that you don't lose out.

We also have partnered with an amazing initiative called Pogo where, in return for a donation to charity, we will give you up to a 20% discount off your swimwear. Learn more here.