Our suppliers

Ethical production of our garments must never be compromised. We commit to auditing, visiting and consistently overseeing the treatment of workers in any suppliers we work with. We are transparent about everything.

All of our factories are audited by either SMETA or BSCI. This ensures the factory adheres to all fair employment laws, such as working conditions, fair living wage, discrimination policies. Not only this, but the audit consistently offers ways in which the factories can keep improving their offering. We uphold a strict ethical policy with all factories we work with.

Our current factory is based in Porto, Portugal and we use fabric mills based within Europe. Our aim across all our channels is to be as open and transparent about all aspect of our supply chain this will hopefully allow us to give our consumer the tools to shop more consciously everyday.

Our materials

All of our swimwear to date is made from a mix of recycled polyester and elastane. We aim to have a minimum recycled content of 70% per garment, 20% above the legal requirement for the EU.

All of our fabrics use a variety of globally recognised recycled materials. Our main compositions coming from ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated Nylon yarn from pre and post-consumer waste materials such as discarded fishing nets and carpet fluff, as well as recycled polyamide and polyester. We work with our factories to minimise waste wherever possible and use machines to laser cut our fabric

Our aim is to continuously evolve, finding new materials and methods by which to become as sustainable as we can across all products.

Our packaging

All of our swimwear comes in packaging which is both biodegradable and recycled. The bag that protects your is made using a material that can biodegrade, even if it ends up in landfill. This will attract plastic microbes which can then consume the plastic waste so it can fully biodegrade.

Our swing tags are made from the by product of agro-industrial processing. So the pulp of some fruits, corn, nuts and coffee. All of which are then repurposed into paper and produced using self-made EKOenergy.

Our mailing bags are also biodegradable and made using recycled plastic so these can go in your recycling bin too.

All of our orders are offset using our tree planting partner moretrees, you can read more about that here.

Carbon sequesting

We plant a tree for every order placed. This is something we pay for as a business at no extra cost to you, to help us 'offset' the carbon emissions associated with it's delivery and production. What we have learned is that this process is called CARBON SEQUESTING. This is the process of storing and securing carbon from the atmosphere. Around 25% of global carbon emissions are captured and stored by plant rich areas, such as forests. So when comitting to planting trees we pledge to sequester that carbon by contributing to the forests ability to capture and secure carbon from the atmosphere.

So for example if 1 tree equates to 1lbs of carbon, when that tree is planted in the future, that 1lb carbon would be sequested from the environment and hence offset the 1lb that has been emitted. So rather than reversing that carbon being released we cancel it out by planting that tree and storing future carbon emissions. Technically we offset the carbon emitted but offsetting is actually a whole different process which involves lots of different climate initiatives. We've updated our site if you want to find out more and hope that this helps you all understand a little more about those climate change initiatives we are seeing so much more today!

Ultimately MoreTrees is our starting point, to being more aware of our effect on this planet. Sometimes, that doesn’t have to be a huge change, just understanding how we can evoke change is enough to start.

Have a look at our virtual forest here! - https://moretrees.eco/forest/swimsociety