In our transition to producing sustainable swimwear, we know that this presents lots of questions for our brand. We are therefore pledging to be transparent with you, our customers to make sure we are not leaving anything out.

Here you will find information about our factories, how our fabrics are produced and our pledges for the future.



After starting our production in China for our Maldives collection, it was always our intention to bring our factory as close to home as possible. We didn’t anticipate this to happen so quickly in our first year, but moving our production to Turkey for our Milos collection allowed us to have much more visibility over our supply chain and understand our product on a much deeper level.

All of factories are audited by either SMETA or BSCI. This ensures the factory adheres to all base level laws, such as working conditions, fair living wage, no discrimination. Not only this, but the audit consistently offers ways in which the factories can keep improving their offering. We uphold a strict ethical policy with all factories we work with.

Now, we want to go even further. We know that we cannot expect our community to understand what an ethical supply chain really means, if we don’t show every stage of it. So that is our aim for 2022.

Having just visited our new factory in Porto, something we’ve always wanted to do, we now have even greater transparency into every aspect of producing our swimwear. Which means, we can share so much more with you. Everything from laser cutting to reduce fabric waste, to degrading packaging bags, to what actually goes into the cost of your garment. We want to show you everything, in the hope that we can continue to educate our community on what it really means to be sustainable and ethical.



All of our swimwear to date is made from a mix of recycled polyester and elastane. We aim to have as high a recycled content as possible with the Milos and Maldives collection achieving over 95% recycled polyester content and recognised by the global recycled standard. Our aim is to continuously evolve, finding new materials and methods by which to become as sustainable as we can across all products and we will be sharing this more with you as we create our next collections.


Every item comes in a recycled pouch (which is also recyclable!) and acts a useful pouch to re-use to store your wet swimwear!

We are allways looking at the best way to sustainably package our garments and have previously used fabric offcuts to create garment bags. We work with our factories to minimise waste wherever possible and use machines to laser cut our fabric meaning sometimes we don't have enough waste to make these! This is only a good thing as it means we don't have much waste to use and all our fabric goes towards making your beautiful swimwear.

Our mailing bags are also biodegradable so please be sure to dispose of these correctly, details on the packaging.