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Ok, so you probably don’t actually know what that is just yet, so allow us to introduce you to them. POGO is fundraising platform on a mission to connect conscious shoppers to ethical businesses with the ultimate goal of raising as much money for charity as possible. The platform connects, charities, brands and shoppers in the hope to incentivise charity donations by offering the best discounts for some of your favourite brands, some of which you won’t find anywhere else. So here’s how it works;


  • Head to www.pogodonate.com/swimsociety
  • Select either a reoccurring or a one off donation
  • Donate via POGO where your donation goes directly to the charity
  • Reveal your exclusive unique discount code
  • Head to swimsociety.co.uk and enjoy!


Now, we know that we have always been honest about the fact discounts are not viable for us as a brand, at least not in the way we see them for many other fast fashion brands. That is still very much our stance. We produce a product that costs a lot more to produce than your average brand. By using high quality, sustainable fabrics and making sure our supply chain is ethical and entirely visible to us- we pay a premium for that, because that’s always the right thing for us to do and we believe its absolutely a justified cost. So, offering consistent discounts means that we cut into that price much more substantially than say your average fast fashion brand would.

However, when Joe at POGO first approached us and explained the concept of what they are trying to do. We knew it was right for us. As a brand and as the people behind the brand, one of our key goals is to impact social change wherever we can. Whether that be by raising awareness on certain issues, or finding new more accessible ways of becoming ever more sustainable. So to be able to offer all of our amazing community a discount which we don’t otherwise offer, whilst also support a charitable cause, it was really a no-brainer for us.

We have chosen to set up both our reoccurring and one off donation to go towards beyond. Beyond are a mental health charity that specifically support young people and aim to break the stigma surrounding talking about mental health. Beyond offer a whole range of mental health services and fundraisers, but most importantly the aim to provide grants and support to organisations that work specifically with young people and their families. Their story to becoming the charity they are today is utterly heart-warming and showcases just how much what they do is so vital to the health of young people as the develop.

The subject of mental health awareness has always been very close to our hearts and it forms a key part of our core brand values as we aim to continue to raise awareness and talk openly about mental health. So for us this was the perfect charity to put our brand behind.

If you’re reading this and what to know more, all the links are below. You can go and check out POGO and all the other amazing brands they carry – plenty of which are sustainable which is amazing! Plus, while you’re thinking about shopping you can do a little something for one of the incredible charities on the platform. It’s super easy to use and your discount value will usually be higher than what donate. So not only are you getting an exclusive discount, you’re also doing something amazing in the process!

Head to pogodonate.com/swimsociety where we’re offering two different discount options! You can sign up to a reoccurring 3 month donation and we’ll send you a unique 20% off code every one of those months or if you’re not ready to commit you can donate once and get 15% off your next Swim Society purchase!

January 23, 2023 — Swim Society

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