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As you know, we’re big into manifestation at Swim Society and we firmly believe in setting intentional goals for the future. Whilst, we’re so proud of everything we’ve already achieved in our first year, this is just the beginning of our journey! So, by way of practicing exactly what we preach here are our key goals for the year ahead.

Elevate our product and bring you even better quality

In case you missed it, we visited our brand new factory this November and after consistently trying to find our ‘forever’ factory we’re really confident this might be it. Working with the team in Porto will allow us to access a whole new repertoire of sustainable fabrics and practices meaning we’ll be able to be even more sustainable and forward thinking. Couple this with our first internal hire we made this year, the amazing Lizzie who heads up our production, we’ll be in the best position we’ve ever been to level up our quality even more. Not only is this amazing for us to be able to dive deeper into the fine tuning of our swimwear, but it also means we can be even more transparent with our supply chain and further our ability to educate all of you about the sustainable fashion world.


The biggest open casting yet

If you’ve read our 2021 round up blog, you’ll know our Open Casting was our highlight of 2021 so it’s only right we go even bigger in the New Year. Lots of you asked for a different way to enter so we’ve taken that on board, plus (pandemic permitting) we’ll be saving some spots for drop in castings too. Plus, we’ll be taking this opportunity to give you a little pop up shop moment too…


More unique designs and more collections

Our unique prints have been one of the things people have commented on most this year and thanks to our former interns Ella and Peace, we’ve been able to create some magical pieces. So we won’t be letting up on that in 2022 and we’re taking some of our former patterns in different colour ways and planning to bring you more collections too!


Do more for the planet

From day one of our relaunch, doing our bit for the planet outside of just using sustainable materials has always been a core value for us. This year we sequested 349.5 tonnes of carbon via our tree planting partner MoreTrees, we want to double that figure for 2022. Not only that we’re looking at ways to bring you a recycling scheme so that you can send us your Swim Society swimwear instead of letting head to landfill, we’ll reward you for sending it and recycle it for you.


The Society expansion

Now our open casting will be a huge moment for 2022, but one of our biggest goals has always been to do more public events to allow us to connect with all of you even more. Ultimately, whether it’s a pop up shop to a mental health workshop we want you to be a part of our growth. Our community makes us who we are and we will always want to grow that further.

We can’t wait to look back on this blog at the end of 2022 and see how we’ve lived up to our goals. We know we have so much more to give and we hope you’ll come along for the journey.

Happy New Year to you all, wishing all the happiness for the new year ahead.


Love Mon, Tash, Laura & Lizzie x

January 23, 2023 — Swim Society

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