As you all know, we love to tell you everything that’s going on in the world of Swim Society, so we thought it was only fair to share a really exciting development for us. We are now stocked on Namshi UAE. As a small brand and a team of just three people, being able to break such a huge market at this stage of our growth is incredible for us and we could not have done it without all of you sharing our message and supporting us!

We thought we’d give you a little more information about this new partnership and Namshi themselves. Namshi is one of the largest online beauty and fashion retailers in the UAE, they showcase hundreds of premium brands from across the globe and crucially in 2020 they were the first retailer in the region to join  Sustainable Apparel Coalition – the fashion world’s leading alliance for sustainable production. Naturally for us this is amazing to see! We know that for many brands, reconsidering the processes they have always used to operate can be difficult and pose many financial implications- so to see huge brands making steps towards a more sustainable future is definitely something we should celebrate!

Namshi have also announced new initiatives to realign their operations with more sustainable solutions, like using hybrid cars for deliveries and using recycled and local materials for packaging.

Not only is Namshi a great new leader in the retail world for sustainable processes, but they also whole heartedly support our diverse and inclusive values. One of our aims as a brand has always been to change the ‘standard’ for the swimwear and retail industries and one of the key ways we can do that is to spread our brand message in as many different markets as possible. Utilising our imagery which, always includes at least two body shapes per style as an absolute minimum, marks a great step towards ensuring this becomes the norm for every brand moving forward.

Finally, we just have to say a person thank you, to you, our audience. Ever since we relaunched, we have seen nothing but incredible support for what we do. You have always been so understanding, engaging and ultimately believed in us from the very beginning and it is this unwavering support that has given us such amazing new opportunities.

So, with that being said, go and have a look at the Maldives collection over on and if you’re in the UAE then consider this a much more sustainable and accessible way for you to get your hands on some swimwear for the summer.


Love as always, Mon, Tash & Laura x



January 23, 2023 — Swim Society


Sarah Brown said:

Congratulations to such a hard working Swim Society team – this is a fabulous accomplishment – well done!

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